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Firma Fox in a box posiada 32 pokoje. By je odwiedzić potrzebujesz 1800 minut. [więcej]

32 32 pokoje

8 8 oddziałów

Opis firmy

Firma Fox in a box posiada 32 pokoje. By je odwiedzić potrzebujesz 1800 minut.

Adres oddziału Graz (Austria)


Lendplatz 33
Graz, 8020

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Adres oddziału Wien (Austria)


Schmalzhofgasse 1 B/II; A-1060 Vienna
Wien, A - 1060

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Adres oddziału München (Niemcy)


Tumblingerstrasse 17
80337 München

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Adres oddziału Chicago (Stany Zjednoczone)


47 W Polk Street, Ste L5
Chicago, IL 60605

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Adres oddziału Fullerton (Stany Zjednoczone)


123 W. Amerige Ave., Fullerton
Ca 92832

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Adres oddziału Los Angeles (Stany Zjednoczone)

Los Angeles

8255 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood
Los Angeles CA 90046

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Adres oddziału Miami (Stany Zjednoczone)


28 SE 1st Street
Miami 33131

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Adres oddziału Tucson (Stany Zjednoczone)


972 E University Blvd, Tucson, Arizona

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Ostatnie opinie

Panos B.
Panos B.

44 pkt

4 opinie

Fun bank heist in Munich

01.11.2019 | data wizyty: 18.02.2019

Panos B. 4 opinie

This is the second escape room my wife and I visited together after we moved to Munich. The first was Tesla’s Mystery (also provided by Fox in a Box) and since we’re satisfied, we decided to try again with The Central Bank.

The atmosphere was nice and even though the riddles were not unique, the designers managed to make them be part of the experience and the flow of the riddle solving, instead of just putting them there. All in all, it was a fun experience with excellent service!

Ocena ogólna: 7/10

Obsługa: 10/10

Klimat: 7/10

Poziom trudności: Średni

Panos B.
Panos B.

44 pkt

4 opinie

Spend a fun hour in Tesla’s hotel room!

01.11.2019 | data wizyty: 30.08.2018

Panos B. 4 opinie

My wife and I are big fans of escape rooms. We have been to multiple ones around the world and since we are currently living in Munich, we started exploring the scene here.

Tesla’s Mystery was the first escape room we visited in Munich together. It was fun with some nice riddles that you do not see in every escape room. The atmosphere and the interior was very good, which is important when you’ve been to many escape rooms and you’re looking for something that convinces you that you have “teleported” somewhere else for an hour. The service was excellent.

Ocena ogólna: 8/10

Obsługa: 10/10

Klimat: 8/10

Poziom trudności: Średni